Justin Bieber searched by the U.S. police for another naughty thing


He had problems with the Brazilian and the Australian police because in the both countries he was spray-painting graffiti in unauthorized places. One of his graffiti creations was even suspected of racism. He was accused , another time, to race a Ferrari through the streets of his California neighborhood. He was even accused to hit a photographer with his car.
On August 2013, in a Toronto nightclub, a man charged Bieber unexpectedly and after the security’s intervention the star proceeded to kick his attacker several times in the ribs and head even coninued to do so when the man was lying on the ground.
Justin Bieber has been even accused of animal cruelty by the California Hamster Association.
After so many accusations, Bieber was not really punished for his actions. Many commentators expressed the opinion that “someone needs to put a leash on Justin Bieber”. But he has a “white face” at the same time: he is a technology investor, investing millions in a dozen small technology company startups; he supports as a philanthropist the Pencil of Promise charity, an organization which builds schools in developing countries. He takes part in the charity's fund-raising galas and donates parts of proceeds of his concerts and line of fragrances "Someday"  and various merchandising to the charity.
He is also encouraging people to adopt pets from animal shelters instead to buying the from pet stores.


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