Actor Thomas Guiry was arrested at the Houston airport


Guiry was not cooperating when he had the choice to be arrested for public intoxication or to spend the night on the sobering center in the drunk tank. He became belligerent and finally tried to kick the officer in the face. Persevering, he head butted the cop and was arrested for assaulting a police officer. After posting a $5,000 bail he has released.

Thomas Guiry is a well known actor for his roles as a kid in the 90s. He was starring as a child star in the classic kids baseball flick “The Sandlot” and in “Lassie”. After that, he was starring in other successful movies such as: The Last Home Run, Mystic River, Tigerland and in the NBC series The Black Donnells.


Guiry is now a 31 old.


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