After a car accident Jamie Lee Curtis is resting at home



Although Curtis said she was experiencing moderate pain immediately after the collision, doctors finally concluded she was OK to go. One of the actress’ representative declared that Jamie Lee Curtis is now resting at home.

A spokesperson declared the following: “Jamie was indeed a passenger in a car involved in the collision that we know. She went to the hospital to be checked, but she is now well and resting at home”

Shortly after the car accident news started making rounds online, a number of fans Jamie Lee Curtis Twitter flooded with good wishes and online get-well cards. While the Halloween star has not appeared in a Halloween movie for quite some time she is still remembered for her past performances and she is indeed a horror icon.

Initial reports about the accident were sketchy at best. Curtis and another passenger were taken to a local hospital for check-out. Jamie Lee Curtis escaped the accident without serious injury as she was later released with minor injuries.


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