David Beckham thinks Prince William and Kate Middleton will be amazing parents


It must be mentioned that the royal baby boy or girl is already a couple of days late. According to most news publications the baby should have arrived on 13th of July.  William took a few days off from his work over at North Wales from the Royal Air Force to be together with his wife.

The father of four children says there is a learning curve for all parents who have a first baby born. The ex football player thinks that Kate Middleton and Prince William, who are expecting their child any day now, will do great (More about the Royal baby to come http://www.roundnews.com/world/europe/1564-british-royal-family.html).

David declared that while he doesn’t know Kate Middleton very well he knows Prince William back from childhood. He attended the wedding of the royal couple which took place in April 2011.

The four children of the couple David and Victoria Beckham have less common names such as: daughter Harper and sons Romeo, Cruz and Brooklyn.


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