The lesbian married couple Jane Lynch – Lara Embry divorced after three years


Lynch spent fifteen years in Chicago on a big Theatre company and got her start in films in 1988. She made several television commercials and appeared in many television productions, including: 7th Heaven, Desperate Housewives, The West Wing, Felicity, Two and a Half Man, Criminal Minds and more. She also worked on the Fox series “Glee”. Commencing July 2013, she has been signed to host the NBC games show “Hollywood Game Night.”

Lynch married the clinical psychologist Lara Embry in 2010, on Memorial Day, in an intimate ceremony in Sunderland and the two divorced now after three years.
Even though at the time of their marriage Dr. Embry said “we’re actually more similar than different”, as a motivation of their split Jane Lynch specified there were “irrevocable differences” between them.

The famous lesbian couple will split their marital assets 50 / 50. Embry previously had two daughters, Haden and Chase , but Lynch is filling to terminate the court’s jurisdiction to award Embry with spousal support.

They asked for privacy about this family event but many people expressed a legitimate curiosity around the event because of its nature (a same sex marriage followed by divorce).



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