The actor Joe Conley, 85 old, passed away


He began his acting career in the 1950’s, after serving in the Korean War. His first role was in “Big Town” in 1955. Conley played many roles in other TV series, like Mister Ed, Lassie, Make Room for Daddy, Dragnet, Dennis the Menace , The Beverly Hillbillies and many others.

His best role was as Ike Godsey character in “The Waltons”, on the screen between 1971 to 1997.
“Yes, I miss filming The Waltons. It was a joy. But life moves on. There are different joys as time goes on” he said in an interview from 2010 in Lynchburg, Adressing German fans.

His autobiography – “Ike Godsey of Waltons’s Mountain” –  was published in 2009.
The strong relation established between the Ice Godsey character and the real man who played it, Joe Conley, was based on the powerful actor’s originality concerning his appearance and his acting style, singular and unique. He was capable to capture from the beginning the public recognition. “To millions of people I am Ike Godsey. People walk up and just call me Ike and carry on a conversation like we are good friends” the actor said itself remembering those times.

Joe was enjoying playing golf, tennis and to swimming.
Many people and actor friends, posting at Facebook, remember now Joe Conley.


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