Jim Kelly – “the Dragon” – has died


Besides the memorable role as Williams in Enter the Dragon (starring a karate instructor harassed by white police officers) he had many other roles in movies, being a popular actor: Black Belt Jones in the movie with the same title, Mister Keyes in Three the Hard Way, Kastok in Take a Hard Ride, Jones in Hot Potato, Robert Sand in Black Samurai and others. His name was on the generic of the movies Afro Ninja, Stranglehold, Death Dimension and The Amazing Mr. No Legs.

Speaking about his acting career inside an interview some time ago:
“I love to do action films, I love to do martial art films, but I just can’t do anything. (,,,) There is a lot of money to be made in Hollywood as far as films are concerned, it’s big money, but I refuse to do certain things no matter how much of it you put in front of me.”

On his official website, a simple posthumous announcement was made now: “ It is with sadness and regret that we must announce the passing of a great man and legend Jim Kelly. He will be deeply missed by all. Jin had great love for his family, friends, tennis and martial arts.”



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