Beyonce Knowles’ daughter loves her mom’s performance in animated film “Epic”


Also the singer said she showed her daughter some images of her while being on stage.  However, she managed to capture the little girl’s attention only for about twenty minutes.


Besides sharing a picture of her daughter, the performer has also shared with her fans some pictures of Blue Ivy with a beehive hairdo and one with her wearing a stunning red dress. Despite the fact that Beyonce Knowles has sold millions of records and despite the fact that she won a Grammy Award, she said she does not like the sound of her own voice. She had this revelation after her role in the animated film “Epic” as Queen Tara. It is the first time when Beyonce, 31-year-old lends her voice to a cartoon character.

She even wanted to point out that she has a crazy voice when she speaks and she hates to hear herself speaking.

In a recent Forbes magazine top Beyoncé ranks fourth.


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