A beautiful woman, Christie Brinkley, is raising founds to help preserve the natural environment


Brinkley, appreciated as a very attractive woman even she is now 59 by famous men’s publications is well known because she had the longest running cosmetics contract of any model in history.

Appearing in over 500 magazine covers, her face is emblematically identified as the face of CoverGirl from twenty five years.
Brinkley supports the animal rights and the natural environmental initiatives including anti-nuclear activities. She is attending charitable events because her presence is bringing attention to actual important causes.

Her official page on Facebook has now more than 24,800 “likes”. She is a popular person and people likes to receive news from her personal life, especially the spicy ones.
Earlier this month she has revealed that she is happy to pose in bikini even at 59 but she declined the idea to pose for Playboy. She is constantly involved in social networks and recently affirmed: “I am now addicted to Instagram.”



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