Police to investigate Justin Bieber for reckless driving



The complaint calls were made by the residents on Monday. The complaint was that was speeding through and driving recklessly through the gated Los-Angeles-area community.

The pop star still in his teens (19) has refused to be questioned by the police. He could now face reckless driving charges in the coming few weeks when the case in handed over to local prosecutors.

Spokesperson for the Canadian Pop star, has declined to comment on the allegations of reckless driving. This is the second incident in the past few months that involved Bieber and his neighbors.

Earlier in March, was accused by a neighbor that the singer spit on him during a confrontation over parties at the residence of Bieber.

Bieber also hit the headlines when his capuchin monkey was confiscated at the Munich airport. He did not have the required paperwork and therefore the monkey is at present a German national property.


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