Sharon Stone behind the Candelabra Cannes Oscar


The Basic Instinct actress wore a dress with a daring neckline, in terms of dazzling diamond and emerald accessories multi-strand necklace.

Also, on Tuesday night when it was the premiere of the film Behind The Candelabra story about the pianist and entertainer Liberace –she has charmed and delighted audiences at the Cannes film festival.

Along with the beautiful Sharon Stone on the red carpet at the Cannes event were Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, who take on the leading roles in Behind The Candelabra, as well as writer Scott Thorson, director Steven Soderbergh and producer Jerry Weintraub.

The central idea of the film focuses on the relationship of Liberace, played by Douglas, with his partner Scott Thorson, played by Damon – which was a virtual marriage kept secret from the musician’s fans.

Need to mention that the film Behind the Candelabra is the first project that Michael Douglas has done after he went through hard times and the fight that he had with cancer.

At a press conference held in Cannes, Douglas revealed that he was nervous to play the role of Liberace, because it was the first time when he had played a real character


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