Justin Bieber attacked on stage by an angry 19-year-old


An angry fan who was perhaps angry for waiting too long ran onto the stage and attacked Bieber. Security guards quickly jumped in and saved from the crazed 19-year old fan. At the time of the attack the young artist was sitting at a piano singing.

While he got off without a scratch on his face, the piano got devastated during the melee. The security guards put the knocked over piano back up but unfortunately the piano couldn’t be used for the rest of the show.

bounced back and forth somewhere on the right most side of the stage while his security team wrestled with the fan by the piano. His fans say that Bieber is followed by bad luck outside North America. Not more than a month ago while he was in , authorities took his pet monkey because the artist did not have the appropriate paperwork to fly a monkey into an European country.




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