Will.i.am Has Admitted To Infringing On Copyright


The rapper explained on KISS FM that he had he had written the ‘Rebound’ song that he is accused of infringing last year and went to Arty as a producer to work on it. He added that he did a different version of the song back then and had asked Arty to ‘make it newer.’ He then said that this year they preferred writing over and using the original ‘Rebound’ sparking the infringement accusations.

After the initial accusations made by Arty on Twitter, he has gone silent over the issue. Chris Brown on the other hand took to Twitter telling the world that either way he did not care. Will,I.am’s album ‘willpower’ is set for release on iTunes this week and it is said to feature the disputed song. It is not still clear if the artists have come to a settlement on the dispute.


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