Chrissy Amphett, Rock Band Divinyls Lead Singer Dies At 53


Amphlett was renowned in the Australian music industry with her edgy performances, school-clad flair and most importantly her distinctive singing. She formed the Australian rock band in collaboration with Mark McEntee who she met in 1980 at the Opera House during a concert. The band is most known for their raunchy hit song ‘I Touch Myself’ which was a massive success back in 1991 reaching No.1 in as well as No.4 and No.10 in the U.S. and Britain respectively. The band went on to release 6 albums in the 1982 to 1996 period. However, they reached their peak in 1991 following the release of ‘I Touch Myself.’ In 2006, the band was reformed but in 2007 Amphlett made the announcement that she was suffering from multiple sclerosis. In 2010, she was diagnosed with cancer.

Drayton, also a musician, explained that Amphlett had yesterday succumbed to multiple sclerosis and breast cancer. Patricia Amphlett, her cousin also an Australian musician under the stage name ‘Little Pattie,’ was by her bedside during the unfortunate time she passed on.


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