Neil Patrick Harris aka NPH of “How I Met Your Mother” plans to move to NYC post HIMYM



The much beloved Neil Patrick Harris aka Barney aka NPH is planning to move to the New York in real life after closing the door to How I Met Your Mother.

The prime reason behind the move is that, it will give Neil Patrick Harris and his fiancé David Burtka to get married. New York State recognizes gay marriage. So, it’s a viable option for NPH to move to NYC.

The legendary TV show “‘How I Met Your Mother’ is finally going to reveal the titular mother of the show and will be wrapping up after nine long seasons and years of wait. Harris plans to send their kids to schools in New York and hopes that work will find him. Well, he can’t be blamed for hoping such. With such stardom, NPH can surely expect floods of offers.

NPH’s fiancé David Burtka added that the couple would like to be hands-on parents and be involved in their kids’ lives as much as possible.



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