Star Wars Actor Richard LeParmentier Dies At 66


LeParmentier was a seasoned actor who appeared in over 50 films and also starred in TV shows. He is most remembered for his role as commander of the Death Star, Admiral Motti, who mocked Darth Vader’s ‘sorcery.’  Leparmentier also had prominent roles in the 1988 movie ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit,’ the James Bond movie ‘Octopussy’ as well as TV shows ‘We’ll Meet Again’ and ‘Capital City.’

LeParmentier was currently a screenwriter working for the British television. He was married to actress Sarah Douglas, prominently remembered for playing the role of Ursa a super villain in Superman II. The circumstances of his death are still unclear, but Derek Maki his publicist said that LeParmentier died suddenly yesterday morning visiting his children during in Austin.


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