Lindsay Lohan to reject house arrest offer


Lohan is no stranger to problems. Recently the actress had to explain to a judge why her arrest bracelet detected alcohol on her. During house arrest Lohan is not allowed to drink. However, Lindsay Lohan managed to come up with a good explanation.

Apparently someone spilled alcohol on her and she denied ever drinking alcohol at home. Prosecutors gave Lohan a second chance at continuing house arrest even though she at least broke the rule of not being around alcohol and not to mention that she violated and broke countless rules and laws in the last years.

Lohan’s attorney, Shawn Holley, will attack this decision in court. Reportedly Lindsay Lohan is not happy with the ruling and wants even more freedom. The plan is to fight all charges and get the actress her freedom back. However, this plan might sound good in theory but it is actually very risky as Lohan is really stretching her luck with this one.


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