FBI Release Details On Whitney Houston’s Blackmail Letters


The FBI’s investigations included looking into a U.S. Army veteran who resided in Vermont and had sent the late singer 79 letters including a further 16 to members of her family. In 1986 he wrote about how much he was in love with the singer and praised her beauty. The letters which began as simple fan mail adoring the star turned threatening when the man reacted to Houston’s marriage at that time. When he received no response from Houston he further sent letters saying that he was ready to profess his love for her in public either on The Phil Donahue Show or the National Enquirer.

In another incident, in 1992 an anonymous person sent letters purporting to know intimate details about the singer’s romantic relationships.  The person who sent the letter went ahead to demand a cash payment of $250,000 so that they would not reveal the details to the public. It is not mentioned how the incident was resolved. However, the documents state that Houston’s attorney and her father had gotten in touch with the FBI over the matter and the FBI determined that it wasn’t a federal crime. The document concluded with the FBI’s findings that no laws had been broken.


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