Nicole Kidman’s Co-star Reveals That She refused to use the ‘n-word’


David is of Nigerian descent and he says that when she was directed to use the term, she flatly refused. Aged 45, Nicole was awarded Globe Golden nomination for the work she did in the movie which is set to be released on 15th of March in the United Kingdom. The Paper Boy is a murder mystery and Nicole plays the role of thwarting efforts to solve the mystery.

David says that she did everything the director asked her to do with perfection but when she was asked to use the ‘n’ word, she simply said not. The word is used in another part of the film by another character who says it. He says that he also has qualms with use of the word but goes ahead to defend the manner in which it is used in Channel 4’s ‘Complicit’ one of his latest projects. He says that in Complicit, it displays the emotion felt at that particular moment.       



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