Bob Marley Fans Commemorate the Legend’s 68th Birthday


Marley’s birthday is an important date to most people including cities such as Toronto which has celebrated the day over the last 22 years as ‘Marley Day.’ Bob Marley is not only remembered for his music, but also for his iconic status and he is credited for revolutionizing reggae music as well as Rastafarianism.

Three years after his death, The Legend album was released and it still stands as his bestselling album with over 10 million copies in sales only in the US and 25 million copies worldwide. Recently, a family-authorized bio-documentary chronicling the legend’s life called ‘Marley’ was released. The film was simultaneously released in the theatres as well as on online stream.

Marley, however, left a family legacy survived by his 10 children including equally famous Ziggy and Damian Marley.


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