Europe Woes Affect The Global Economy


On the other hand, an increase in oil and gasoline prices has magnified the tension in the global market. In addition, debt prices began to increase in a bid. All the equity investors in the Wall Street waited for the earnings of their shares. On Monday, Finance Minister said that, although Madrid did not opt for any aid yet but there is an uncertainty about it and the nation may eventually need it in the near future.

Chief Mario Draghi while addressing the European Parliament committee said that, although Greece has made remarkable improvements in strengthening its economy but still this country needs to put its focus on its progressive elements. Draghi also stated that there are a lot of signs of improvements in the last few months but in his opinion, Greece still needs to move on. One of the Greece lenders said that country has 130 billion euro as safety to strengthen their economy but Athens also has the chance to miss the chances of debt reduction.

Views of managing director of Faros Trading Stamford also pointed out the complexity of the issue at hand. He said that the market conditions are still uncertain and one cannot be sure of any plans in earnings. He further added that, economy is weak and any investments in big projects are uncertain. Investors are also getting less than their expectations and the overall results are disappointing. These disappointing negative results are also affecting the prices of Euro in the international market. In addition, earnings per share and equity prices are also on the declining trend. This is because both euro and stocks show similar trends in market lion share of the time. Data also revealed the fact that the value of Euro rises as the stocks improve.

Statistical analysis shows decline in all industries. Dow Johns Industrial showed 6.91 points decline positioned at 13576.74.  Standard and poor has also reported a decline of 1.93 points. NASDAQ is providing statistical analysis of these down in share prices and of euro value. There is a recession in the stocks prices, earning per shares and the value of euro in international market. Top company of FTEU3 also fell by 0.1 percent to 1099.99 points. A decline of 0.4 percent to $1.2916 was observed in euro. However, there is an increase in US dollar index. It rose from 0.33% at 79.799.


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