Intel's higher income and profit is still below expectations

Intel Corporation has grew since last year. In this year's second trimester Intel earned 13.5 billion dollars. That's three percent higher than 2011. Numbers showed that Intel's initial estimations for this trimester were bigger than a ten percent increase. The year 2012 also meant a profit for Intel action that is 0.54 dollars higher than it was in the previous trimester.

Intel's new product on the market was the ultrabook, a specially created PC category that designed to bring in additional business. Ultrabooks sales evolution was modest.

A big part of Intel's overall revenue was brought by its PC Client division. Intel's division PC Client brought $8.7 billion which is 3% higher than it did in the same period last year. The most remarkable growth was seen in Intel's Data Center group. The Data Center group brough in $2.8 billion, 14% higher than last year.

Intel generated $4.7 billion cash from shares alone. It paid $1.1 billion in dividends and used another $1.1 billion to buy back shares.