The “Kansas Shelter” project is waiting for an apocalypse

An uncommon entrepreneur, Mr. Robert Vicino from San Diego, is building “The Kansas Shelter”, the world’s largest subterranean doomsday resort. He wants to be prepared to offer 1500 spots in the perspective of a supposed apocalypse. This construction is a 2 million-square-foot bunker in the limestone caves at Atkinson and will be isolated with two-foot-thick steel and concrete doors.

The fee to access this latest human paradise with a wine bar, golf course, spa and even a dance floor will be $20,000 and the cost of food.
This “underground cruise ship” as it is described by the owner will sit 130 feet underground.
“Hopefully it will never be needed, nut if it is, it will be priceless” said Robert Vicino to journalists. He revealed that 10 percent capacity is already taken by people which will benefit from the membership having a 24/7 resort . They are doctors, bankers, lawyers and more from all the aspects of the life. Potential members are reviewed and screened by a "Selection Committee" based on their skills and ability to contribute to the shelter community.
The most important thing for this project is to be informed in time, says the San Diego man which will certainly sonn have a dedicated page in the Guinness World Records Book.