E-cigarette is a product with growing demand


The chance for those traditional tobacco companies is to develop new products breaking the actual limits of classic cigarettes industry. They want to recoup losses in the traditional cigarette market and it is supposed that big money will be made.

For the moment it is not yet know if the electronic cigarettes are entirely safe but consumers accepted them as an alternative. Several advantages are offered by most e-cigarette producers. It’s about the various designs for the product, the existence of refill cartridges and a variety of flavor options. Not at least, it’s about the battery life. The competition is open and new technologies will coming soon. The marketing specialists observed that a new motivation to use e-cigarettes is coming because they are permitted in all places. At this time, to serve consumer’s satisfaction even e-cigarette’s tops and reviews are available online and coupons are offered.

E-cigarettes are battery powered devices serving vapors of a liquid nicotine solution. By comparison, a typical traditional cigarette contains other 4000 chemicals, many of them harmful for the human body. The actual market for e-cigarettes includes more than 250 brands.


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