The “Kansas Shelter” project is waiting for an apocalypse

An uncommon entrepreneur, Mr. Robert Vicino from San Diego, is building “The Kansas Shelter”, the world’s largest subterranean doomsday resort. He wants to be prepared to offer 1500 spots in the perspective of a supposed apocalypse. This construction is a 2 million-square-foot bunker in the limestone caves at Atkinson and will be isolated with two-foot-thick steel and concrete doors.

  • Written by Robert Woodward
  • Category: Global Markets

E-cigarette is a product with growing demand

Fact is even NBA players use e-cigarettes. This is a growing industry. Recently rumors are about a coming decision of big tobacco companies to use this actual big opportunity. Marlboro (Altria Group Inc) and Camel (Reynolds American) are the first expected to launch their own version of electronic cigarettes. So, “Mark Ten” from Marlboro will be on the market in the state of Indiana in Augist 2013, preceded by the “VUSE” e-cigarette from Camel, in Colorado, in July.