Google will ban ads related to cryptocurrencies

Google said on Wednesday morning that it had updated its worldwide policies to curb adverts in “unregulated or speculative financial products.” This will undermine the ability for cryptocurrency exchanges, advisory firms and digital wallet companies to reach new customers. Ads for cryptocurrencies, ICOs, wallets and exchanges will be blocked from June to prevent scams

In a few days, no more “ISIS” on NASDAQ

Do you know that at this time a trader’s ticker on NASDAQ is “ISIS” ? Can you at least imagine what is in the mind of business people when they see this ? Ok, let’s clarify: this is not about the Islamic State but the confusion is possible. In fact it is only for a few days more because ISIS Pharmaceuticals changes its name. Ionis Pharmaceuticals will be the company name starting on December 22. Its stock exchange ticker symbol will be "IONS."

Bitcoin cryptocurrency is losing value fearing fall

Lloyds Banking Group is banning now customers from using credit cards to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Its move follows warnings by regulators and ministers in the US, South Korea, China, Russia, India, Germany and France over the market. JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp. and Citigroup Inc., in the U.S.,on Friday and Saturday,  said they’re halting purchases of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on their credit cards.

  • Written by Robert Woodward
  • Category: Global Markets

Is the US and Global Markets Prime for Another Bust?

Today financial security seems to be at the tipping point for another major crisis. In both the US and the global marketplace it seems that the prime might be getting to a point where crisis is inevitable. In the past the market offered some security and people were able to sit back and relax. This has not been the case recently and there are so many factors that are pointing to a major economic issue happening in the very near future.