Digital currency plunged unexpectedly on Thursday


Something unexpected occurred: the price of bitcoin plunged below $26,000 on Thursday, hitting its lowest level in 16 months. Ether, the second-biggest , was as low as $1,704.05 per coin.TerraUSD, or UST, plummeted to less than 30 cents. Luna, another Terra token that has a floating price and is meant to absorb UST price shocks, erased 99% of its value and was last worth just 1 cent. In fact, regarding the global , this moment erased more than $200 billion from the entire market in a single day.Investors suffered big losses. It is entirely plausible that the market can recover from this, but maybe not. Crypto has a dedicated fan base. Experts say some things may be however different.


Even if typically what happens in crypto stays in crypto. Some bankers believe that a big crash in crypto, if it happens, could have wxtended consequences and could influence even US government bonds. Credit markets are under pressure. Something is pending, we do not exactly what, we can’t estimate what it will happen next days and in the future.