Deutsche Bank suggests working at home could be taxed to produce money to help others


During the pandemic time, people who work from home save money directly because they don’t have to pay for commuting costs, takeout lunches, or buying and dry cleaning work clothes. But they could be required to pay a special tax if a suggestion of experts at will be aacepted to become reality. They said working from home should be taxed to help other workers who aren’t getting the same advantages and proposed a 5% daily tax on each employee that continues to work from home, which could raise tens of billions of dollars for governments. Idea is the money could be used to help lower income workers who have taken on greater risk because their jobs can’t be done remotely.


“It does make sense to support the mass of people who have been suddenly displaced by forces outside their control,” the bank said. The tax would amount to just over $10 a day, assuming the average salary of an American working from home is $55,000. Criticism erupted immediately. “It punishes progressive companies and those with kids or caring responsibilities, who were responsible during the pandemic, who are already taking on more costs and helping the environment by staying at home,” said Andrew Hunter, co-founder of job search engine Many others have similar positions.