Dow Jones plunged a record of 1,175 points on the first day of the week

The Dow Jones industrial average plunged a record 1,175 points, or 4.6%, on Monday. Investors effectively threw in the towel for at least one day and resumed heavy selling to cash in their profits. The Dow at one point was down nearly 1,600 points. Monday's drop was the worst percentage decline since August 2011.

FTC found violation of federal trade laws in some Instagram posts of celebrities

The Federal Trade Commission announced they found examining Instagram posts a group of social-media influencers who may be in violation of federal trade laws. This is a part of the FTC’s ongoing effort to unmask abstruse ads on social media. Posts that don’t disclose a working relationship between influencers and brands, or that include ambiguous language that is confusing to followers, are considered to be in violation.