Microsoft will retire Messenger and move users to Skype on March 15


Although Microsoft already talked in November last year about a Microsoft Messenger to Skype transition that would begin in the first quarter of 2013, the company never released an exact date until today.

Microsoft bought Skype last year in the month of May for $8.5 billion dollars. Slowly both chat applications were migrated to Microsoft accounts and since it didn’t make sense for Microsoft to pay for the maintenance of two messenger tools it was obvious that one of them had to go. Skype was and continues to be very popular on the increasing mobile world and this is one of the main reasons why Microsoft decided to declare Skype the winner.

In 66 days Microsoft Messenger is retiring world-wide (Except for mainland China where Skype is operated by a local provider) and existing Messenger users will be able to seamlessly use Skype as they used Messenger. All their existing contacts will already be there for them.


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