Foursquare will change its privacy policy starting with 28 January


Ever since Instagram’s policy update caused panic world-wide amongst its users, other companies are thinking twice before making an update that would upset their users. Foursquare is no different as it took extra precautionary measures before the new update takes effect. The company even created and published a guide named Privacy 101 in which it details its new approach to privacy.

Until now the social networking website was displaying only usernames and not a user’s full name. The company justifies the change by saying it was confusing to see a username instead of a full name and this is one of the main reasons it decided to make full names public. And since some users won’t be comfortable sharing their real names Foursquare points such users to change their real full name on the profile settings page. The Policy update will also let venue owners see more information about all Foursquare’s users including more check-in details than ever before.


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