Facebook is hunting and deleting wide-spread fake user accounts


The statement from Facebook regarding the status of fake accounts came in its Q2 earning report for 2012. For more about this read our post from August this year: Mark Zuckerberg admits 83 million accounts are fake.

In its Q3 2012 earnings report Facebook failed to update us on the measures it took to lower the number of the total fake accounts and of the fake Likes that are directly related with the previously mentioned fake accounts. But Facebook was working on improving the situation of duplicate accounts and fake users and soon things will be under control. Dedicated operations teams based in Austin, Dublin, and California are reportedly constantly monitoring the network for suspicious activity.

According to Facebook’s Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions Facebook won’t begin deleting just every account it suspects is fake. And yes, if your dog has a Facebook account or a Facebook page then that page is safe for now as Carolyn Everson confirmed Facebook won’t be deleting these any time soon. When asked who exactly is targeted Everson explained: “What we are looking for is people who have widespread fake user ID accounts to make sure we take them out of the system. We call them bad actors and that’s how we identify them.”


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