Ford Motor Co. will make big investition to build electric and self-driving vehicles


The new facility, scheduled to open in the next two years, will take new commercial-grade hybrid models and incorporate the self-driving technology needed to turn them into autonomous vehicles.  It will hire about 900 workers by 2023. They revealed a more ambitious plan for battery-electric vehicles. In fact, this would make Ford’s factory there the second U.S. factory to have the ability assemble internal-combustion engine vehicles, battery-electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles in the same plant. The automaker also is spending $50 million to establish a facility near Detroit where workers will add the self-driving software to autonomous vehicles that will be built at Flat Rock.

inside-a Ford-factory
Inside a Ford factory

The factory will continue to produce the Mustang sports car and Lincoln Continental sedan. “It became pretty clear to us that Flat Rock was the right plant to have that capacity. It has a lot of experience building multiple different things,” Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s president of global operations, said to media. “We’re just proud of our presence here in the U.S.,” he added. Earlier this year, Ford announced a partnership with Volkswagen to share the costs of develop AVs and EVs.


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