Apple CEO Tim Cook Reveals the company’s plan to produce iMacs in U.S.


In order to manufacture iMac in the U.S., Apple will make an investment of $100 million. The devices won’t be manufactured by Apple but will be contracted to others.

Cook added that the company has been working on manufacturing iMac for a long time and he said that the company is close to seal the deal. We have been able to do the assembly as of now but we plan to broaden our objectives to do something more substantial.

Tim Cook did not clarify where the iMac would be in the United States. Apple is most likely to contract with others to manufacture the iMacs. Apple’s spokesman declined to make any further comment.

Earlier reports went online after a number of iMacs were sold that had a stamp reading: “Assembled in United States”. Tim Cook did not clarify how the present manufacturing maneuver will differ from Apple’s plans.


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