Amazon made its choice for HQ2 locations


The company has decided to move to the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens, and to the Crystal City area of Arlington, Va., a Washington suburb. The official announce is expected. About 1,800 people in advertising, fashion and publishing already work for Amazon in New York, and roughly 2,500 corporate and technical employees work in Northern Virginia and Washington. Amazon examined a list of 20 cities. The race started with 238 potential candidates.

Long Island City

Localities fell over one another to offer tax breaks and other incentives, often risking their own fiscal health in the process. In more than one instance, the bidding process got outsourced to local private firms. Los Angeles was the only West Coast city that made the final 20. Toronto was the only finalist outside the U.S. Amazon will help development. The company said it would invest more than $5 billion over almost two decades in the second headquarters, hiring as many as 50,000 full-time employees that would earn more than $100,000 a year on average. Seattle has been one of the fastest growing cities in the country, in part because of Amazon’s growth. The company has about 45,000 employees in the city, and the company said it needed to hire more employees than the city could attract or absorb.


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