Google Reacts to Newly Proposed Law charging fees for Links of Newspaper Content


With a view to tackle the proposed law by the German government, has launched a new campaign called “Defend Your Net”. According to the new German law, the newspaper publishers will be able to charge fees to in exchange of allowing the search engine giant to provide links to newspaper stories.

On November 27, launched its new German language website. In the new website, is making attempts to build public sympathy against the effort by German government. is trying to warn the public by saying that such law would cost the users to spend money in order to conduct news searches. Google further added and warned the public by saying that the new law would make it harder for the public to find information they seek.

The search engine giant, Google has lately been facing similar pressures from the Italian and the French governments. In the two nations, the publishers are demanding revenues from Google searches performed inside their countries.


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