Niantic will refund travel and accomodation expenses to attendees at the last year Pokemon Go Fest


They sued Niantic last July for monetary damages to cover their travel expenses. While Niantic refunded the cost of tickets ($20) and granted attendees’ $100 worth of in-game credit, no reimbursement was provided for travel costs to Chicago’s Grant Park.


Many of the 20,000 people who attended had travelled large distances , some from outside the US. Any leftover money after refunding now travel expenses will be donated to charitable organisations Illinois Bar Foundation and Chicago Run, a foundation that organises youth running programs for kids to promote their health and wellness, with no money reverting back to the company. Claimants will have had to have checked in to the event through the app, and will need receipts for expenses amounting to more than $107. Last year’s Pokemon Go Fest was plagued with problems from the outset, with the game crashing frequently and leaving most players unable to use the app. At that time, Niantic issued an apology, with a spokesperson saying the staff were “horrified” by the situation. Niantic Labs keeps trying to maintain momentum for Pokémon GO. Latios and Latias reached Pokémon GO on April 2 and will be available in different regions. They’re not available in the same regions simultaneously.


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