Tesla began production of the zero-emissions Semi electric trucks and delivered first 100 units


Tesla delivered the first 100 zero-emissions Semi electric trucks to US softdrink giant PepsiCo. . a year later than promising. Delays were determined by the pandemic and supply-chain shortages. “A lot has happened in the world, but here we are. It’s real.” The truck promises to travel 800 kilometres on a single charge while fully loaded. When fully loaded the Tesla Semi’s three electric motors can propel it to 100km/h in about 20 seconds. Musk says the Semi, while looking like a “beast,” drives like a Model 3, due to a combination of “crazy power” and a tri-motor system that allows the truck to accelerate seamlessly, even with a full 82,000 pound (37 tonnes) load, and up a hill. PepsiCo. will use the trucks transporting goods from its Frito-Lay plant in Modesto, California, and its PepsiCo beverages factory in Sacramento. “This thing has crazy power relative to a diesel truck,” Musk told. “It’s like driving a Tesla, literally,” he added later. For charging the Semi Tesla has developed a megawatt-class charger. Tesla claims the Semi can replace 70 per cent of its battery charge in 30 minutes. The tri-motor power system enables two of the drive units to disconnect when the truck is cruising.


“We also have excellent traction control because the precision of an electric motor is vastly better than a diesel engine,” Musk said, adding that there are also traction controls that automatically stop the truck from jackknifing. The Semi’s central seating position is safer, giving the driver better visibility. PepsiCo North America chief executive Kirk Tanner thanked Tesla at the event, saying it had taken ‘countless hours to make this happen’.