Microsoft declared Internet Explorer „dead”


Microsoft halted support for Internet Explorer on June 15, 2022. (Of course, the old browser will not stop to work). Microsoft introduced Windows users to Internet Explorer way back in 1995 as the alternative to Netscape Navigator. It was a point when being a Windows user withour being forced to use IE. And it was very slow. The Justice Department sued Microsoft in 1997 because it made IE a fundamental part of the user experience. Later regulators in Europeclaimed that by tying Internet Explorer to Windows, it created a disadvantage for browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. In 2015, Microsoft launched Microsoft Edge, described as “a faster, more secure and more modern browsing experience than Internet Explorer.” Internet Explorer remains a part of our history. Software Jung Ki-young in South Korea spent 430,000 won (about $330) to design and order a headstone for the web browser ahead of its official end-of-support date. The memorial is located on the roof of his brother’s cafe in the South Korean city of Gyeongju.


The most interesting and at the same time humorous think is the message graved on the stone. It says “He was a good tool to download other browsers.” Jung’s idea became viral on the Internet. Things not stop however here. Parts of the world, including countries like Japan, continue to use the OLD web browser for business and government administration. Edge’s IE Mode will continue to work through 2029 or later.