Apple shares drop slightly under $600 then close at $604



Apple launched many new products and because of this profits made this year will be less than the profits made in the previous year. Apple warned its investors that the cost of making new products will have this effect and will only cut in profits in the holiday quarter. Apple’s new products include and are not limited to: two new iPad, iPhone 5, new iPods and three new Macs.

According to stock analysts Apple’s profit margins will not be as expected in the holiday quarter but are likely to return to normal in 5 months time when next year’s second quarter begins. Apple’s all time high price per share was $705.07 on September 21. This date also represents the day iPhone went for sale in eight countries and in the U.S. With a price per share more than $100 less, Apple’s investors lost a total of $106 billion so far.




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