Intel is improving its capabilities launching its first Arc A-series GPUs



he Arc GPUs will feature some innovative features beyond sheer power, though, that may help them stand out from competitors. There’s also a new Arc Control app, which will let customers handle game driver updates, tweak and monitor performance, stream gameplay, and more. It’ll also offer in-game overlays, The company promises a lot more designs will trickle out in the coming weeks and month

The Intel company launchied its first Arc A-series GPUs for laptops today. In fact the company is only launching its least powerful Arc 3 series GPUs: the A350M, which has six Xe-cores and six ray-tracing units, and the A370M with eight Xe-cores and eight ray-tracing units. Anyone looking for a true gaming laptop will have to wait for the Arc 5 and Arc 7 GPUs, which is set set to arrive later this year in “early summer.” The company previously promised would finally arrive in Q2 2022 with workstation cards following sometime in Q3. “We’re focused on delivering a good experience,” Roger Chandler, Intel VP and GM of client graphics products and solutions declared’. The Arc 3 hardware outdoes the integrated Iris graphics in both gaming and creative tasks, sometimes by nearly twice as much. The maximum performance wiii beves in some years. T


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