First press event at Apple’s new headquarters, in September, expected with good news


It’s expected to introduce a whole new design for its iPhone 10th anniversary. The device IS codenamed “D22” but could be called the iPhone 8, iPhone Pro, or perhaps the iPhone X if it is named after the Apple smartphone’s 10th anniversary. The biggest change is a new all-screen design, similar to that produced by Samsung for the Galaxy S8 and Note 8. The top of the device is expected to have a cutout in the screen for the earpiece speaker, selfie camera and sensors, similar to that of Android-founder Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone.

Apple’s new headquarters

Probably no Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the front because Apple is expected to rely on infrared as its primary biometric system. It  will be capable of recognizing a user, unlocking the device and authenticating payments. Apple is also expected to integrate more advanced systems for its camera, including augmented reality and further enhancement of its computation photography system. The new iPhone may also include wireless charging for the first time. An update of Apple’s  iPhone 7 line of devices ia also expected and for Apple Watch too. The Apple TV Smart will have some news.


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