Google offers first beta release for Android 12L to be used on devices with large screens


As a December surprise, Google announced the Android 12L on beta release, designed for large-screen devices, to give a better experience on tablets and large folding phones. It is is adding a two-column layout for devices with larger screens, which will let users get at more information at once. (Devices with screen density above 600dp). Google’s also working to improve multitasking, letting users drag an app into split-screen mode from the taskbar (which they can also use to quickly switch between apps). For example, a 2-paned notification and quick settings area, better multi-app situations, a taskbar, etc.


In fact, however, for the instant, users should be able to run the beta on an actual large-screen device if they have a Lenovo Tab P12 Pro – a tablet that isn’t even available in the US, on the Pixel 3A through the Pixel 5A enrolled in the Beta Program or in an emulator (in Android Studio). Developers are advised to monitor feedback from those users. Bugs can be filed to the Google issue tracker with the Android Beta Feedback app. To join the Android Beta Program and enroll your phone for 12L, hit this link. In addition to bug fixes and improvements, the new update includes new optimizations and the December 2021 security patches. The first attempt to optimize Android for large displays way back in 2011. Until now, Android for years has failed to take advantage of the possibilities offered by tablets. Most enticing are Google’s efforts to make apps that aren’t optimized for larger screens more usable.