Some Google female employees accuse sexism discrimination


Some of the women accuse of paying them less than men despite having equal qualifications and similar positions. Others claim an hostile work environment toward women impeded their career advancement. Various declarations were exposed by media, including one which was referring to a situation when a male subordinate was paid more than his female superior. Civil rights attorney James Finberg is  representing the female employees.

From “ Diversity” page

He collected various probes and concluded that he found clear evidence of gender-based disparities and discrimination at the company. “We’re supporting diversity at and beyond,” says instead. “We check and recheck our people processes (including promotions, compensation, and more) to ensure fairness and equity in all things that impact Googlers. For example, we took action when we saw that women in tech were less likely to self-nominate for promotions. We’ve also long had gender pay equity in our workforce  and we recently shared our approach to compensation with the hope that other organizations will adopt similar fair pay practices,” they sustain. If the legal action will be introduced for real it seems it will not be an easy case but a complicated debate with many and subtle interpretations.


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