Google will invest $2.1 billion to buy New York’s St. John’s Terminal


is planning to buy New York’s St. John’s Terminal for $2.1 billion, making it the anchor of its Hudson Square campus, even if the company is delaying its global return to offices until Jan. 10. plans to turn it into a big glass obelisk with lots of plants and outdoor spaces, by mid-2023. The purchase is the most expensive for any single U.S. office building since the pandemic’s inception. The site will be ’s largest office outside of California, according to CFO Ruth Porat.The Hudson Square campus includes the Chelsea Market, which Google bought for $2.4 billion, and the first-ever Google retail store, which opened earlier this year.


“As Google moves toward a more flexible hybrid approach to work, coming together in person to collaborate and build community will remain an important part of our future,” the company’s Chief Financial Officer said. “It is why we continue investing in our offices around the world. Our decision to exercise our option to purchase St. John’s Terminal further builds upon our existing plans to invest more than $250 million this year in our New York campus presence.” Increasing the number of employees is also considered. The company previously announced it would invest $250 million in New York City this year.