Microsoft will launch soon the cloud based Windows 365


Microsoft announced , available on August 2, a paid subscription service based on the cloud. In fact, it is a business product that’s going to let customers stream Windows 10 or Windows 11 from any device. Microsoft is also calling it a Cloud PC. will work on any modern web browser or through Microsoft’s Remote Desktop app. The service is for businesses of all sizes, easy to set up. All the apps can be used. Pricing will be on a per-user-per-month basis. Microsoft is not detailing exact pricing details until the service launches next month. As many businesses have employees working remotely, that this ends up being a better solution, and one that’s just easier to manage. Businesses will be able to create Cloud PCs within minutes and assign them to employees, avoiding the need for dedicated physical hardware.


provides an instant-on boot experience,” according to Wangui McKelvey, a general manager for Microsoft 365. This instant access lets workers stream their Windows session with all of their same apps, tools, data, and settings across Macs, iPads, Linux machines, and Android devices. There will be two editions of : Business and Enterprise. Both are powered by Azure Virtual Desktop. Microsoft has been working on the service for years. “When we built this team, we brought in a couple of leaders who had experience with virtualization, but for the most part we brought in people who had experience with Windows and experience with consumer experiences because that was the bar we wanted to set,” says Scott Manchester, director of program management for . The pandemic accelerated work on Windows 365.