Microsoft purchases the natural language recognition company Nuance


announced its decision to purchase Nuance. The deal adds up to a $16 billion cash outlay and a total valuation for Nuance of about $19.7 billion, including that company’s assumed debt. Nuance is known as providing software for natural language recognition. It’s the owner of personal speech-recognition software Dragon NaturallySpeaking, which is invaluable to many people with a wide range of physical disabilities. Medically targeted versions of Dragon are in use by 77 percent of hospitals, 75 percent of radiologists, and 55 percent of physicians in the United States.The company’s technology is also the core of Apple’s Siri personal assistant.


and Nuance began a partnership in 2019 to deliver ambient clinical intelligence technologies to health care providers. Acquiring Nuance – which is expected to close by the end of 2021 – gives the opportunity to push Nuance technology to ’s own large international market. Nuance chief executive Mark Benjamin will continue to run Nuance as a Microsoft division after the acquisition. We can expect important changes in the future with computers powered by artificial intelligence with a wave of innovation. A Microsoft – Nuance combination increases the opportunity for growth.