Google research manager Samy Bengio resigned


research manager , who oversaw the company’s AI ethics group, resigned on Tuesday to pursue other opportunities. He managed hundreds of researchers in the team. “While I am looking forward to my next challenge, there’s no doubt that leaving this wonderful team is really difficult,” Bengio wrote. “I learned so much with all of you, in terms of machine learning research of course, but also on how difficult yet important it is to organize a large team of researchers so as to promote long term ambitious research, exploration, rigor, diversity and inclusion,” he added.


Prior to joining , Bengio co-developed Torch, an open-source framework and package of tools for developing machine-learning algorithms. At Google, he was part of the TensorFlow team, building a rival offering that surpassed Torch in popularity. Even if Bengio has not mentioned this, he has resigned in a departure that comes after the controversial firing of two colleagues: Timnit Gebru and Margaret Mitchell. Bengio expressed solidarity with them. has authored around 250 scientific papers on neural networks, machine learning, deep learning, statistics, computer vision and natural language processing. He was General Chair of the Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) in 2018.