Increased Quality Standards Result in Production Halt at Foxconn


Overseas labor and media has already got workers remark about the halted production line. The main reason behind the halted production is discovered to be the tight and higher quality control standards. China labor watch that is based in New York stated that there was a strike by a massive group of workers at the Foxconn plant. The worker’s strength was about 3000 to 4000 in China’s central city. They raised their voice about the over increased demands for quality of products. They further added that quality standards are above expectation and in order to meet those standards, they are forced to work hard even on holidays. They are bound to work on national holidays as well.

One of the spokespersons from the management committee of comprehensive bonded Xinzheng reported that, production was stopped on Friday after workers failed to convince quality assurance inspector of the workload they were facing. In addition, workers also gave their opinion about the over increased quality control standards. They were unable to meet those quality demands and the results were poor performance and low production. In another news, Taiwan based electronic manufacturer of Foxconn disagreed with all the previous news and said that there was no strike in the production area. They stressed that the production is still going on at the plant without any interlude. The sources completely denied any interruption or strike.

However, the sources further revealed more news and interviews about the production halt. After these revelations, Foxconn said that there was just a small dispute between two groups and the dispute was between production workers and quality assurance department. It was also said that the dispute was solved immediately at the place and all the news about production halt were just rumors. The issue of dispute was not mentioned by Foxconn anywhere.

Xinhua revealed that workers were angry about the extensive quality inspection that Apple recently imposed. The main reason was that the consumers were not happy with some features of iPhone 5. They found some aesthetic flaws in the new model.

Management analyzed many iPhone 5 production lines because of their customer’s complaints. Workers at the production were unable to meet those tight quality control standards and went for a strike. Another sources said that workers went on strike because they were forced to work on a national holiday.


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