American Airlines to Better Fight Conditions, Flights Cancelled to fix Seats


Official further added that all of these planes would be re-launched to go in operation from Saturday. The seat repairs were mostly done in each 757 American plane. There are 188 seats in these kinds of planes. Passengers faced a lot of trouble and inconvenience during seat repairs.

It was observed that for the last few weeks that three American airlines flights were cancelled because of their seats being loose and complaints from the passengers. Two 757s airplanes were also in the list although these airplanes have recently been renovated. In order to solve this issue, all the damaged seats of planes were taken out and after repairing were reinstalled again. One of the airline officials told to news CBS that, during inspection various loose seats were found in six planes. Safety investigation is important in this aspect because airplanes are the third biggest carriers used for travelling. After this inspection, federal officials suggest to continue this investigation in the future as well.

Passengers complain that seats were loose because the clamps that hold various rows of seats to the floor of airplane were damaged. However, officials declined these allegations and gave their own explanation. They argued that it was not the problem in the clamps that caused problem rather poor design, soda, other drinks spilled into the track, and a combination of other wears caused the problem in the seats. As a result, pins of the clamp pop out of their grooves.

Vice president of airlines safety, David L. Campbell, declared that airline has been using same seats for more than 2 years. In addition, basic design and structure of those seats were not as robust as latest seat designs. Another person from the seat manufacturers was inquired but he refused to say anything except saying that the investigation is still under process. Although seats were removed, repaired and then reinstalled, but the chances of failures of seats to stay in place have increased. However, Campbell said that re-installment of seats include some modified features and new locking mechanisms in seats. These designs were approved by Federal Aviation Administration before the installation.


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